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And now for something COMPLETELY different

Okay okay.  So after my last effort of doom and gloom and destruction I thought I’d try my hand at something sweeter.  More innocent, hopeful and lovey-dovey like, even.

I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.  Here you go.


The Reality Of You


I lie awake so late at night

Just wishing you were here

To hold me tightly in your arms

In my dreams it’s all so clear


You’ll call me from the corner

And tell me this time it’s for real

You are coming home to me tonight

We’ll tell the whole world how we feel


I know it’s corny

I know it’s cliché

And I shouldn’t feel like this

But I want you here for the rest of my life

Come save me with your kiss


Every time I tell you I adore you

It’s not half of how I feel

But how can I say that I love you

When none of this is real?


One day I know you’ll make me yours

That you won’t let me get away

But until that dream is realized

Behind these walls I’ll stay


I know it’s corny

I know it’s cliché

But you already have my heart

So don’t make me wait forever

or I might just fall apart


I know it’s corny

I know it’s cliché

You don’t even deserve this song

But how can something that feels so right

Ever end up being wrong?



And there you have it – something so sweet it makes my teeth hurt.  Lucky I know a *really* good dentist… Which reminds me of another story…

I’ll have to ‘fill you in’.  Oh, I do so crack myself up sometimes!



51 things about me

So, I was thinking of a way I could tell you all a little more about myself, without rambling TOO much and having you fall asleep at your keyboards.  And so, the “Things about me” list was born.  I’m lazy.  Keep up.

I managed to get to 51, though I probably cheated.  Whatever.  Enjoy!

  1. I quit smoking about a month ago.  I’ve lost count because I don’t smoke anymore.  While I was quitting, however, I was often feeling stabby and throwing 5 year old tantrums.  Thankfully, I live alone.
  2. I once painted a house.  Like, the whole outside of the house. 
  3. Sometimes I can be quite flaky.
  4. Even though I am sometimes flaky, I am excellent in an emergency.  If there is going to be a zombie invasion I am definately a good person to have around until they start chasing us and I trip you.  Stick with me.
  5. I can juggle.  Not a schedule, books, or boyfriends.  ACTUALLY Juggle.
  6. I have a love hate relationship with my unicycle, but I will eventually learn to ride it without doing bodily harm.
  7. This may be obvious,  but as a child I wanted to run away and join the circus.  Amongst a billion other things.
  8. I have a boat.  I always wanted a boat.  Now, if I can just find a set of drums my childhood dreams could be complete….
  9. When I was 20 and I fell pregnant and then had a complicated miscarriage.  The doctors at the time told me I probably wouldn’t be able to have children – So I’ve always told everyone else, and myself, that I don’t want kids when the truth is I think I would love a family and am too scared to admit it.
  10. I HATE people who pretend to be something they aren’t.  Especially when chatting online.  This is not just strong dislike people, this is HATE.
  11. I don’t really like mushrooms, but I will eat them if they are in something else.  I’d prefer not too though.
  12. I am a coffee whore.  I love coffee, I live for coffee, coffee is my life blood.  That is all.
  13. I don’t think whore is necessarily a BAD word if used in relation to coffee.  But if you call me a whore I might hurt you.  It’s okay for me to do it, not you.  Understand?
  14. My coffee addiction tried competing with my chocolate addiction, however after an epic battle of wits and strength they agreed to be friends and are currently residing in the form of chocolate covered coffee beans.
  15. I am 28 years old on Tuesday.
  16. I love the internet.  I love my internet friends.  I think we are all forging a fantastic new path for future generations to communicate, make friends, and network with people all over the world.
  17. I ❤ Twitter #AndIReallyReallyReallyLoveHashtags.  It’s always great to have more friends, and I find Twitter is a great place to find them.
  18. I love cooking.  And baking.  It’s actually quite scary how domesticated I can be.  Shhhh… Don’t tell anyone.
  19. I support Collingwood in the AFL. GO PIES!
  20. My dog is nearly 5 years old and he is a mastiff cross.  His name is Jake.  He is awesome.
  21. I used to ride horses, and at 15 was winning events at a national level.
  22. I don’t ride anymore, though I’d love to – maybe one day when I have the kids I say I don’t want.
  23. I love computers and technology yet I don’t even have my own computer.
  24. Storms are awesome, and there is nothing better than watching the lighting and listening the the thunder with someone you are close to.
  25. I play really awesome Guitar Hero.  But I have no actual musical talent at all.
  26. I need more shoes.  Unfortunately, I have expensive taste.
  27. My relationships have always been quite unromantic, and although I used to pretend I was okay with that the truth is I am a romantic at heart.  Again with the Shhh ok?
  28. I love the place I work and the people I work with, although I don’t love the job I am doing.  It is, however, the best place for me to be while I work out what I really want to do, and I am happy with that.
  29. Sometimes, I got to bed without taking off my make-up after a night out because I am too tired.
  30. I shaved my head once.  With a razor and everything, smooth.  It was to raise money for a charity so that made it ok.  Also, I had a bet on with my boss that she’d shave hers too if I raised over $5000.  I did.  I was a fantastic experience.
  31. I have a lot of trouble accepting help from other people, but I am learning that it’s ok to do that sometimes.
  32. I don’t like seafood.  Except some fish.  And prawns, sometimes.  Okay, I guess I like SOME seafood.
  33. I can’t sing.  Not in the “my ears are bleeding” kind of way.  Just in the “I’ll never be famous” kind of way.
  34. I enjoy fishing – and I can even bait my own hook.  I COULD clean the fish too, but really, I’d prefer not to.
  35. When I was about 21 I was so thin that I broke into our house (at the time) by having my housemate post me through the security bars on the windows like a letter.
  36. I suffer from insomnia, sporadically. 
  37. I really like the word sporadically.
  38. I was married, and separated from my husband last year.  It’s been difficult, but I know more about myself than I ever did, and I am kind of enjoying the self-discovery phase I am in.
  39. When I left high school I wanted to be a vet, and I studied a year a half of Applied Science at University.  Found it wasn’t for me, and spent too much time in the Arts faculty attending classes I wasn’t signed up for *cough* like Philosophy.  I left.
  40. I have already eaten an entire family block of chocolate while writing this.
  41. I used to be a Functions Manager and so know what it’s like to work 60 hour weeks.  I cherish my weekends.  Don’t ever fuck with them.
  42. Sometimes I swear.
  43. I am very non-judgemental, and a great listener.
  44. When I was 16 I was involved in a motorbike accident and I haven’t been on one since.
  45. I love sailing, although I haven’t done it in a really long time.
  46. Sometimes I think I am ready to start dating again.
  47. Sometimes I think I might not ever want a relationship again.
  48. I tend to contradict myself sometimes.
  49. I have an odd sense of humour, which I tend to tone down when around people who don’t know me very well.  Which is probably for the best.
  50. I’d really like to learn how to surf.   Preferably under the guidance of a really good looking male experienced instructor.
  51. I like to think I am a little be different, just like everyone else.

I think there’s something we can all learn from this – Lists are not my strong point!

There is only SO MANY times I can unwillingly listen to ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ before I feel like killing my neighbours

Honestly, it’s been 7 times today so far.  I am starting to hate Bonnie Tyler and all that she stands for.

(Every now and then I get a little bit BLAH BLAH BLAH)

*screaming out the window at the neighbours*  “See!!  See what you are turning me into” 

It’s. Really. Fucking. Loud. 

(Turn around…. bright eyes….)

Even if I DIDN’T have a headache.  Even if I HAD slept properly, for just one night, in the last 3 months.  Even if my neighbours were saints who saved peoples lives, and rescued puppies in their spare time.  I would STILL want to kill them right now for playing this song over and over and over and over…

(every now and then I fall apart….)

So, I hear you say – go and tell them to FUCK OFF!  But, you see, I have a little problem.  My neighbours are from Hell.  No, really, I asked – that’s what they told me.  Right after they molested orphans and bit the heads off several really cute kittens.

(Turn around, Bright eyes….)

Okay, so maybe I am exaggerating just a smidge, but they are a little rough, and I am a bit scaredy cat.  Maybe I will write them a strongly worded letter.  In blood.  Thankfully I now have some coming out of my ears.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I really need to go find some cotton wool…

(every now and then I fall apart…)