Pain & Progress: Day 3

Exercise: 11 laps & 6.25km Bike ride

Still woke up in an average amount of pain this morning.  WHOEVER TOLD ME THIS WOULD GET BETTER LIED!  Was not looking forward to swimming in the afternoon AT ALL. When I walked through the office door at work I immediately started sneezing.  Allergic to work you say? I think so too.  It proceeded to get worse until I felt like clawing my face off with a hammer.

Despite this I was determined to go for a swim, and upon asking Twitter (who make all my important decisions) the general consensus was that a swim would make me feel better and help my allergies.  Personally, I think they just wanted to see me suffer.

Despite feeling like I had man-flu, my swim actually went quite well.  I managed to do the first two laps back to back and completed 11 laps having only a minute or so break between them.  Then I realized my bag was at the other end of the pool, so I did a 12th lap to get back there.  I KNOW.  It’s like I’m starting to enjoy the pain.  My arms were so sore afterwards I considered taping my hands to the steering wheel to drive home.

After I had been home for an hour or so, resting my weary muscles, I put on my socks and shoes (to the excited barks of my pooch) and took him out for a ride.  I could feel the muscles in my legs, but overall it was a nice ride through a sprinkling of rain.  I went the long way, which turned out to be 6.26km which took around 40 minutes.  The pooch couldn’t keep up to my pace, which means I am fitter than my dog.  WIN.

Side note : I bought a pair of pants to exercise in, and they make my arse looks HUGE.  Is this suppose to motivate me?

Quit Update: Pretty sure I smoked more than yesterday, but less than the day before.  Two steps forward one step back?  Actually, it’s more like 1 step forward, half a step back.  Whatever. I’m not sure, but I am due to up the dosage of Champix today so hopefully that will help.  Come on meds, I am relying on you!

Dream Diary: SEX DREAMS FTW!

I don’t have a strong recollection of all the details, but I was at someone’s house where there were clothes lines (complete with washing) everywhere.  THEN I HAD SEX IN A SHOWER WITH SOMEONE I DON’T EVEN KNOW, though in my dream it appears I knew him rather *cough* intimately.  After we were… finished, the water from the shower turned into drops of blood.  Then I woke up.  It was both awesome and terrifying.


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