Pain & Progress: Day 2

Exercise: 4.12km Bike ride & Yoga (or lack thereof)

I woke up this morning with muscles aching in places I didn’t even know I had muscles.  Whoever is making me do this needs to be hung, drawn and quartered.  Oh wait.  I’m doing this to myself aren’t I?

After a miserable day of work I was actually quite looking forward to getting on the bike.  I know, I’m shocked too.  I quickly changed my mind as I realized all those muscles I found yesterday had not recovered.  It huuurrrttttsssss! I did manage to do 4.12km in 25.57mins with the pooch in tow, stopping once to chase the naughty dog as he ran over to greener pastures with two golden retrievers.  Naughty pooch!

I got home covered in sweat but relieved I had met my goal for the day.  Then I realized I still had to do yoga.  Turns out that I don’t feel comfortable contorting my body in front of my housemate, who happened to be home for the evening, so I decided to skip it. It’s not as much fun with clothes on anyway.

Quit update: I actually didn’t feel like a smoke on the drive to work, which is when I’d usually spark up my first cancer stick.  I smoked 3 half-cigarettes before lunch time, which is half the number I’d usually have.  Not sure if the meds are kicking in, or if my arms are just too sore to life the smoke to my lips.  Either way, WIN!

Dream Diary: I had an awful night of sleep, and woke up this morning with a vague recollection of finding cheap plane tickets to Japan but never actually going there.  Also, someone ate my housemate’s cat.  If dreams do come true, I really hope it’s only the first bit.


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