Pain & Progress: Day 1


What doesn’t kill you will make you wish you were dead.

Exercise: 500m swim, bike ride (note to self: must measure ride).

I planned to get up and go for a swim before work at zero dark thirty… But accidentally set my alarm for PM instead of AM and was lucky to wake up in time to drag my tired arse to work.  Perhaps my subconscious was doing me a favour?  If so, I heart you subconscious!

Coach demanded insisted encouraged me to instead go after work.  My goal was to do 10 laps, having a breather between if necessary.  I really thought I’d have to stop halfway, and picked an outside lane for fear of drowning.

The good news? I made my 10 laps! I thought I had managed well until I got out of the pool and my body felt like dead weight.  Whose idea was this anyway?  It was TORTURE!  I had better see some benefits or else I’ll go back to the good old days where I’d get in my car to drive across the street.

After I could finally lift my arms again I drove home and sat down.  Big mistake.  Getting up again was REALLY HARD.  I was thinking about skipping the ride and spending some quality time with my couch, but the pooch had other ideas.  With his mournful looks and insistent barking at my shoes he motivated me to get on the bike and take him for a ride. One word: PAIN!

Quit Update: I’m on day two of a medication called ‘Champix’ which has a high success rate for helping people quit.  It’s supposed to suppress the urge to smoke, so I have chosen Friday the 15th October as my quit date.

It apparently has some side effects such as mood changes, nausea, insomnia and bizarre dreams.  Since I already suffer from most of those, I haven’t noticed any changes so far.

Still smoking as normal, for now.  Hopefully the meds will kick in soon and I’ll start to slow down.

Dream Diary: One of the side effects of the stop smoking meds is bizarre dreams.  Since I already HAVE bizarre dreams, you know, when I actually manage to fall asleep (insomnia sucks) I thought I’d keep track of them here so YOU can tell me if they get stranger.  Sharing is caring.

Last night’s dream featured badly cooked steak, spiders, war games and mutilated genitalia.

I was eating at a restaurant with friends, and I lifted my steak up with my fork to show them how BADLY it was cooked and a giant evil hairy spider ran out from underneath it.  A fucking SPIDER! I fled, of course.  It appears Arachnophobia is just as strong in dreams.

In the next sequence, I was playing war games when I killed someone with a flashlight.  I ran back to get his gun, and found it was an oversized butter knife (this thing was huge) that shot real bullets.  Awesome.  Someone needs to make those.

After we’d killed all of the other team, we were sitting around chatting when one of my team mates starting talking about how he had mutilated his penis.  He appeared to be trying to make the girl next to him throw up.  He said “Here, I’ll show you!” and proceeded to undo his fly… revealing a pair of lacy black women’s underwear.  Then I woke up.  So I didn’t get to see the mutilated penis.  I am both thankful and disappointed, but mostly the first thing.

My dreams are VIVID ya’ll.



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