And now for something COMPLETELY different

Okay okay.  So after my last effort of doom and gloom and destruction I thought I’d try my hand at something sweeter.  More innocent, hopeful and lovey-dovey like, even.

I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.  Here you go.


The Reality Of You


I lie awake so late at night

Just wishing you were here

To hold me tightly in your arms

In my dreams it’s all so clear


You’ll call me from the corner

And tell me this time it’s for real

You are coming home to me tonight

We’ll tell the whole world how we feel


I know it’s corny

I know it’s cliché

And I shouldn’t feel like this

But I want you here for the rest of my life

Come save me with your kiss


Every time I tell you I adore you

It’s not half of how I feel

But how can I say that I love you

When none of this is real?


One day I know you’ll make me yours

That you won’t let me get away

But until that dream is realized

Behind these walls I’ll stay


I know it’s corny

I know it’s cliché

But you already have my heart

So don’t make me wait forever

or I might just fall apart


I know it’s corny

I know it’s cliché

You don’t even deserve this song

But how can something that feels so right

Ever end up being wrong?



And there you have it – something so sweet it makes my teeth hurt.  Lucky I know a *really* good dentist… Which reminds me of another story…

I’ll have to ‘fill you in’.  Oh, I do so crack myself up sometimes!



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