My holiday – The good, the bad, and the embarrassing.

Despite the cold, I had the BEST FUCKING TIME EVER on my holiday – It was just what the doctor ordered!  Not literally of course, but we don’t need to talk about prescription medication NOW do we?  Good.  Anyway, it was awesome to see my family after 5 or 6 years, and it felt like I had never left.

Which, it was pointed out to me yesterday, is a strange thing to say since I never actually LIVED there.  A mere technicality I say! Home is where the heart is, and mine has always been with my family.  Fuck.  Did I just write that?  I must be going soft.  Moving on.

My Dad and I flew in Friday afternoon – and not long after I had a call from a friend I’ve been chatting to online for a few months, checking to see if I’d be out later to catch up for a drink.  Why not?  I thought…  He said he wasn’t an axe murderer (doesn’t use axes), and Dad and I were having a few drinks anyway.  He impressed me immediately – I was getting drinks at the bar when he arrived, and so after a quick hello he went and introduced himself to my Dad and they were busy chatting when I got back to the table.  Of course, Dad scarpered not long after that, and we continued on to have a fucking awesome night.  SUPER FUCKING AWESOME, in fact.

Fortunately, Saturday was spent visiting family and doing a bit of shopping, so I managed to cope with my hangover and lack of sleep quite well!

My cousin’s 21st birthday party was a huge success – we laughed, we cried, drank cocktails, shots and pre-mixed girlie drinks (I DID manage to have a few beers *sigh*).  And that was BEFORE the party even started!

Wearing a pretty dress and impractical footwear, I figured I was off to a good start in my quest to blend in with the 21 year olds.  The drunker I got, the easier it was, and by the time we got in the limo I was S-M-A-S-H-E-D.  And yes, fitting in quite nicely thank you.  The rest of the evening is kind of a blur, but here’s what I DO remember…

  • I got to go in the ‘cool’ limousine but I am not sure why it was the ‘cool’ one because I am just not that cool.
  • We all stopped because we needed to pee (gee, who’d have guessed THAT would happen).  There were no toilets where we stopped (Thanks Mr Limo driver).
  • Yes, I was the chick who peed behind the dumpster.  I am THAT fucking classy.
  • At least I wasn’t the chick who threw up at the bar.  Guess I should have taken her seriously when she said “I’m going to have this shot, then I am going to throw up”.
  • In the first club we went to I was offered drugs that I don’t even know the NAME of 30 seconds after walking through the door.  That continued to be a theme throughout the club.
  • I called someone I’d met up with on the Friday night to come ‘save me’ and he took me to another club with a few friends which was MUCH more relaxed and less drug-dependant.  Fortunately he was as smashed as I was.
  • Standing on the street at 4.30 in the morning waiting for a cab I felt like every cell in my entire body was being individually snap frozen.

The next day, I am proud to say, I was in MUCH better shape than my cousin.  I am as surprised as you are.  Dad and I managed to go to the markets, where I bought 3kg of dutch licorice (yum) and a new jacket, before FINALLY we got back to my Aunty’s to SIT DOWN before dinner.  Yep, you guessed it – I was pretty fucking tired by this stage.

I WAS supposed to catch up with friend on Sunday – but he never called – and I didn’t have his number with me.  I was pretty disappointed actually, but, in the end there’s not much I could do.  I guess it just wasn’t important to him or he’d have picked up the phone right?

Sunday night was spent saying goodbyes… One in particular that was a lot harder than it should have been… Grrrr… and trying to get some sort of sleep before all the flying and driving to get home.

Of course, having said that, we still managed to stop at the factory outlet after we got off the plane – It’s amazing the energy you can find when you don’t want your holiday to end!

Now… to work out how soon I can get back again… and SOON!


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