First date FAIL, kidney pain and random molestation.

Okay, so I haven’t blogged for a while.  Truth is, my auto sign in thing wouldn’t work and I couldn’t remember my password and I was too lazy to go through all my emails to FIND my password again and I know you’re all saying I could have just got a new password sent but I didn’t think of that till just now.

Also, I’ve been busy.  Moving on. 

So, to catch you all up:

I got a call from a guy I used to see around 8 years ago – wanting get together for drinks –  After I cancelled the first time, he suggested dinner Friday night… after he’d finished work, around 9pm.  I said yes. 

I KNOW.  I was surprised too.  I usually eat before 7pm.

When I woke up Friday morning however, I started to realise that MAYBE I really didn’t want to see this particular guy.  That maybe I was only saying yes because I just wanted to go out and was so damn happy to be asked.  And that maybe that wasn’t really fair.

So, I cancelled – and hence my first date FAIL.  Over before it started.  I am THAT good!

Other things I learnt last weekend:

  • Drinking Vodka + Redbull + Tequila = Awesomeness NOW + Kidney Pain Later.
  • If a hot guy drops a drink at your table, and then leaves, then you should expect random molestation WITH tongue later in the evening.  Ask my friend.  She had to go home and brush her teeth afterwards, but the look on her face?  PRICELESS!
  • People on the dating site I joined AREN’T ALL WANKERS.  Well, I don’t think so anyway.  I met up with a guy I’d been chatting to – it was his birthday, and we were all out at the same pub, so it was a no pressure thing – I was talking about it on twitter the next day, and we kept calling him “Mr Last Night”.  Good enough name for now I say!

So now, you’re all caught up.  Well, that was the weekend BEFORE last.  Are you as confused as me?

I probably shouldn’t drink and blog.  But it’s Monday.  I am sure you all understand.

Jelly xo


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