Congratulations Universe – Today, I hate you.

Today, I am thinking.  Thinking way too much.  Then trying to stop myself from thinking by baking because thinking is getting me nowhere fast.

Today, it feels like over the last year the universe has conspired to take all my hopes and dreams and shatter them into a billion razor sharp pieces.

Today, I remember I have my health, and I count my blessings for that.  I am thankful I have good friends who I know love and support me.  Without them I would truly be alone.

Today, as I type, I cry.  The silent kind, where the tears just seem to keep coming, from some unknown place.  A place perhaps you don’t want to look because it’s just too fucking scary and you don’t know where to start.

Today, I think I know why they call depression “Anger without enthusiasm”.

Today, I give up.

Tomorrow will be another day.


3 responses to “Congratulations Universe – Today, I hate you.

  • Alyssa

    Boo to a shitty day…… if you’re having a shit day tomorrow let me know and i will set you a fun task to cheer you up!! x

  • Jules

    I kind of feel the same way today. So I’m going to have beauty day. Get a haircut, get my brows waxed, get a pedicure, then go back to bed. That has to help, right?

  • Anon

    I didn’t realise just how shit your day was on Monday…..

    That’s pretty damn shit.

    Crying while typing??? Be careful with that….you might fuck your keyboard up 😉


    You look hotter when you smile. You should be smiling. That’s not to say you don’t look hot when your not smiling…..

    Whether your smiling or not I’ll still be checking out your ass! Oooh yeah. That’s a fine ass.

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