It all fits. I think Al from ‘my life in a blog’ might actually know more than Google.

Tonight has been entertaining – I am not sure what’s going on, but a couple of hours ago about 6 police cars pulled up and “visited” my neighbours.

I *of course* was on-line, and reading this post over at ‘my life in a blog’, where Al claimed to know more than Google.  So I was all like, she’ll know what’s going on, I’ll ask.

You can read Al’s timely and almost pychic explanation here.  Go on now, read it.

I’m impressed, because you know, it really all fits… here, I’ll break it down for you.

AL’S THEORY: Nudist Neighbours staging a protest to encourage free lovin’.

EVIDENCE: Remember when the pictures of naked women were plastered through the neighbourhood?  Then there’s the consistently hanging washing in robes and towel’s (underwear too, but it’s so traumatic I just can’t talk about it).  They are definately pro-nudity.

AL’S THEORY: Pot smokin hippie’s

EVIDENCE: Yes, just YES OK? If the smell wasn’t enough, the crazy lady leaving the house next door screaming “TURN THOSE FUCKING LIGHTS OFF, EVERYONE KNOWS WHAT YOU’RE GROWING UNDER THERE!” definately convinced me. 

AL’S THEORY: Police watching the neighbours.

EVIDENCE: So, I have worked at a few law firms and such, and accordingly know quite a few police officers.  So when the unmarked police car sits out the front of MY HOUSE, watching the neighbours, I generally say hi and offer them a coffee.  Yeah. 

AL’S THEORY: UFO guy across the street.

EVIDENCE: Repetitive playing of ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart‘.  Everyone knows aliens love Bonnie Tyler right?

So, in closing, upon Al’s suggestion, I am off to lock the doors and windows, grab a roll of aluminium foil and the vodka, and stay home tonight.

In the meantime, go visit Al here.


3 responses to “It all fits. I think Al from ‘my life in a blog’ might actually know more than Google.

  • Alyssa

    bahahahaha OMG i am more psychic than i realised!!!!!!!

    come one, come all and ask me your random questions!!!

  • MonsteRawr

    Love it! I have to say, it’s for reasons like this that I miss my days of living in the ghetto; there was nothing quite so hilarious as watching the antics of my various crazy neighbors. Enjoy the contact high and laugh while it lasts!

  • Miss Rosa

    Jelly! I’ve missed you! I thought maybe the psycho alien pot smokin’ hippie neighbours finally got you! Glad you’re okay.

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