Dear McDonalds, If you take pickles off a cheesburger, you can’t call it “Deluxe” even if you add other stuff.

I just sent the following email to McDonald’s via their website, thought I would share it with you…


Dear Ronald McDonald,

I usually have something from McDonald’s at least once a week.  But just because the only time I eat your food I am really really intoxicated and it’s 3am in the morning, does not mean I didn’t notice the distinct lack of pickles on my Cheeseburger Deluxe.

Now listen Ronald, it’s not that I am fussy.  Really.  I don’t even LIKE pickles.  But calling this new pickle-less burger a Cheeseburger Deluxe is JUST NOT ON. 

I know you added lettuce.  You also added some kind of mayonnaise.  And that’s fine.  But why, Ronald?  Why take the pickles?  Did you think we wouldn’t notice? It is just because you are sick of people throwing them on the front windows of your stores?

In short, if you’d have told me there weren’t going to be pickles, I wouldn’t have been expecting them, and would not have been dissapointed.   It’s all about customer expectation right?

Ronald, I cannot stress this point strongly enough – A cheeseburger is NOT a cheeseburger without pickles, therefore a Deluxe Cheeseburger cannot be any kind of cheeseburger either.  I hope you appreciate me bringing this to your attention.


PS.  I never did get a response from to the email I sent to Stephen Lynch…  I have crossed him off my Christmas list.


4 responses to “Dear McDonalds, If you take pickles off a cheesburger, you can’t call it “Deluxe” even if you add other stuff.

  • Jules

    You need to send one to Wendy’s too. Their double stacker sucks.
    And I stopped liking Rick Springfield in 5th grade when he never responded to a letter I wrote him.

  • Alyssa

    i am constantly making complaint emails to Mcdonalds and their failings….. sauce that is slightly off colour…… nuggets that have brown bits inside… no pickles being on my junior burger, i love the pickles- dont hold back my pickles ronald mcjerkoff. 3am or no 3am they need to give us damn pickles…….

    I have not received ONE reply!!! do they not take emails seriously when they are sent at absurd hours???

    Oh check my blog. i have answered whats going on with your neighbors:)

  • theblacktulip

    hm I don’t eat the pickles…or their cheeseburgers…but if I did I would totally be outraged. like i’m still outraged that I can’t get a super-sized fries anymore. now I have to order 2 larges. Seriously, who is McDonalds to tell me how much of the fried food I can and cannot consume. Golden Arched Bastards!

    (they almost redeemed themselves with the iced coffees…if I could only get them in a small as opposed to the med…we don’t need me over caffinated)

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