Anti-Social behaviour #26 – Moving out of town

Firstly, I should confess that I only started at  #26 because I have a short attention span and there is NO WAY I would get to 26 otherwise.  And sometimes, JUST SOMETIMES, I like to feel like I’ve accomplished something.  Anyway.

I am going to move house.  I HATE moving.  But, because now it’s just me, the dog and the boat, I find don’t need this big fancy house anymore.  Also, there’s the whole thing with the neighbours and the naked ladies.  It’s insane unique  but I would prefer something a little less likely to cause suicide a bit quieter.

Ideally, I would like to move out of town, where it’s peaceful….  You know, far enough away so people call before they visit to see if you’re home.  And you can totally screen your calls and pretend not to be home.  Awesome. 

Not that I answer my home phone anyway – but we’ll talk about that in the next time, you know, and #27.  When I get to it.  Leave me alone.

I do, however, have a photo of my horse dog, so you too can awww over his adorable-ness.  Or laugh at his huge balls.  Whichever. 



Okay, so you can’t really see his balls in this picture. 

Go figure. 

It’s probably for the best.  It’s  MUCH cuter.

Happy Friday Everyone!


6 responses to “Anti-Social behaviour #26 – Moving out of town

  • Jules

    He’s adorable! And I’m kinda glad I can’t see his horse balls!!! Good luck house hunting!

  • CasaRosa

    Oh my gosh, he IS adorable. *Gush*

    For antisocial behaviour, may I recommend a stop by your local liquor store? It’s much easier to be antisocial with added courage. Something about liquor makes me much more … how should I say this … open with my feelings, hence the blog posts flow more freely … and blogland loves to hear about antisocial behaviour.

  • theblacktulip

    you can’t see me but I’m totally “awwwing” over his cuteness. Can I trade dogs with you? I’m not loving mine right now.

    FYI I moved, not out of town, but far enough from everyone that they call before trekking over…screening calls and pretending to be not at home= VERY AWESOME

  • Jelly

    Jules – Thanks! I think I’ll need all the luck I can get. The horse balls are hard to miss, this photo was taken from a “good” angle.

    CasaRosa – Added “liquor store” to my list of things to do today. I am also out of Xanax and chocolate. Must try blogging drunk one day, sounds like fun!

    theblacktulip – He’s adorable isn’t he? I can understand why you’re not loving yours after the DBP episode… ummm… ewwww!

  • Miss Rosa

    Since you’re hitting the liquor store today, maybe you should make your NEXT post a drunk one! Yay for encouraging alcoholism! 😉

  • Captain Dumbass

    Dog balls. Ya, I can live without that.

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