Apparently it’s not just Mondays that hate me. It’s the universe.

Hi, my name is Jelly, and I am addicted to breaking stuff.  And things.

Not intentionally, you understand, but I believe what I have to be called ‘Passion Fingers’.  You know, the disease where you fuck everything you touch.  That’s me.

And so, it didn’t surprise me AT ALL that my attempt to install a new hard drive in my desktop would go down in flames.  Well, smoke AND flames to be exact.

My power supply blew up.  And not the tiny little ‘pop’ type blowing up.  I mean the sparks-fire-smoke and a very loud ‘BANG’ type blowing up.  Oh joy.

I have a spare power supply, so I put that one in and tried again.  Nothing.  Nothing at all.  It appears I managed to break it BEFORE I EVEN INSTALLED IT.  I really am that clever.

Also today – I have broken two glasses, 1 piece of pool hose, my new handbag strap and the mop.

And you know what?  None of this surprises me.  Pessimism pays off again.

Although, I just found out that MrFarty is being followed by Susan Boyle.  So things could be worse.


3 responses to “Apparently it’s not just Mondays that hate me. It’s the universe.

  • Captain Dumbass

    That is impressive. I thought it was only an early childhood disorder.

  • Jenny, Bloggess

    My husband calls me “Distructo Lawson”. I prefer to think of it as a curious statistical anamoly that everything I stand near breaks out in fire.

  • So Not Mom-a-licious

    Yeah for me! I have been blog hopping tonight and it has been well worth it. Came over from the Bloggess because I was already laughing from your title. With you, not at you. What? Oh you weren’t laughing? Okay then I was laughing at you.
    Last night, I also broke a wine glass and then a glass pitcher from my wedding. But that only happened because I was drunk. I would say that I suffer more from Passion Mouth…I just never know when to stop. Here’s a prime example. Okay I’m done. Seriously.

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