Stephen Lynch should tour Australia so I can follow him around like a groupie. Also, 3 Balloons ROCKS.

So, Stephen Lynch has a new album out called 3 Balloons.  And IT. IS. AWESOME.

AND, he’s touring right now.  But not in Australia. *sigh*

I know it sounds over stalker-ish, but if he doesn’t tour Australia soon, I might get kind of stabby.

So, I sent the following email to him through his website:

Dear Stephen,

Firstly, I am just going to get it out of the way and say OHMYGODILOVEYOUSOMUCH and be done with it.

*cough*  Moving right along.

I am from Australia, and have been a huge fan of you for A LONG TIME.  And, your new album is no exception.  Seriously.   It’s pretty fucking awesome.

Anyway, I would like to know if you have any plans to tour Australia in the future.  I mean shit, you could have a holiday, do three gigs and write it off on tax couldn’t you? It’s a beautiful country – Have you been here before?  I am sure you would love it, and perhaps find some inspiration for new material.

Hell, you could even stay at my place.  I’ll even cook.

Anyway, in closing, I would be really pleased if you could consider touring Australia.  If you don’t, I might get kind of stabby.  Apologies in advance. 

Yours in potential disturbing conversation,


Ps.  The views and opinions stated in this email in no way represent anyone other than the writer.  Except the bit about how awesome you are.  That’s an all-round thing.

*cough*  So anyway.  I doubt I will get a response, but I do feel a lot better for having at LEAST been proactive about it.  Especially since it’s the only thing I have done today.

Here is a link for my favourites from the new album – But seriously, you should go and buy it HERE.  Right Now.  Enjoy!

Fishin’ Hole

Much Prettier Than You

A History Lesson

Why are you still here?  If you don’t know about Stephen Lynch already, GO FIND OUT!

Oh, then come back and comment, I am feeling needy.


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