My $100 Bargain Boat – I am currently the girl you love to hate.

That’s right.

$100 for a boat.  A boat, outboard AND a trailer, to be exact. You heard me. 

It is beyond words – I am the envy of all my friends, and I am LOVING IT.  I have always wanted a boat, so when I heard there was one going cheap through a workmate I jumped at the chance.


Of course, it’s old, and it needs some work, but the outboard still runs well. 

I am excited.  Not that much $ required before I am ready to register it and get it in the water!  Of course, now I need a name… Any suggestions?

Incidentally, I am really happy that I didn’t have any underwear on the line when I took this photo.  But just so you know, it’s not because I don’t wash or anything.  I have a line under my house which I use, even if it’s not raining.  My excuse is that it stops things from fading, but that’s a lie.  Really, it’s just closer and I am lazy.  So there you go.  What were we talking about again?

Oh yeah, my boat.  My $100 bargain buy of 2009.  Hopefully my short attention span doesn’t affect my ability to properly enjoy it.   Don’t be jealous, you can all come to my boat warming party 🙂


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