Twitter is addictive. It’s like niccotine, but they don’t have patches. Well, not yet.

This has to be one of my favourite tweets so far – brought to me by Featured Tweets  on my new favourite addiction, Twitter – a new (or you know, not so new, I just can’ t keep up) social media site focusing on purely updates (and if you haven’t heard of Twitter, I don’t know, google it or something)

I know right?  Why would someone like Featured Tweets be doing following boring old me? All I am doing is sitting in the corner talking to myself (yeah, you probably weren’t thinking that at all… *sigh*)

I first thought, well, they must be following everyone who joins Twitter – I had just joined, and since none of my friends actually use it, I WAS pretty much twittering to myself!  Okay, there was no pretty much about it.  Here’s a sample…

my 6 year old niece just said to her brother “Stop eating all the apples. They don’t grow on tree’s you know”. I couldn’t talk for 3 mins.

from web

fuck. tree’s isn’t supposed to have an apostophe there is it? My bad grammer is forever immortalised by Twitter *sigh*

from web

and my spelling apparently.

from web


Having quite some fun, as you can see.  It was shortly after I noticed someone was following me.  I was shocked and amazed.  Then, I will admit, a little disappointed when I saw is was Featured Tweets, thinking they must just follow EVERYONE, what’s special about that?  Then I got this message…

Featured Tweets       FeaturedTweets“Thankfully I have no-one following me to notice. Shit. I am talking to myself.” – we noticed :P. have a nice day!

  *sigh* someone is always watching when you fuck up.  I love you Internet!

I blame The Bloggess for my new addiction – it was this post she wrote which made me laugh so hard I snorted.  A lot.  At work.  And yes, people saw.  And just this morning, I noticed she was following me too.  She says she’s not discriminatory – But you know, it still makes me all warm and fuzzy, in that “I just peed in my pants” kind of way.

So, no doubt there will be more Twitter Action to come!  Oh look, a piece of string…

PS.  Twitter – You really SHOULD invent some patches… not only would it be a great marketing tool, but you could send me a whole heap because I am going to NEED them.

PPS.  You can follow me by clicking here.

PPPS. You can follow Featured Tweets, because they are awesome, here.


One response to “Twitter is addictive. It’s like niccotine, but they don’t have patches. Well, not yet.

  • Jenny, Bloggess

    you are awesome. and I’m not discriminatory but technically there are thousands of people I’m NOT following so technically you are in the elite. If there was such a thing. Which there’s not. But there totally should be.

    I’m rambling again.

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