Cyclone Watch – Hamish is coming, should I make sandwiches?

So we have been put on alert.

Tropical Cyclone Hamish is travelling down the east coast of Australia, and should be here in 24 – 48 hours.

I saw a line a mile long at the petrol station, and the supermarket, people buying fuel and batteries, and I got to thinking – should I be more concerned?  Have I lived here TOO long?  Or do I just not give a crap?

You see, I am not worried.  We have had cyclone warnings before.  They have never made me jump out of my skin and go running for emergency supplies.  Generally, they start off all mighty and ferocious, and once they get here they are nothing more than a mild storm.  I like storms, as long as they aren’t ripping the roof of your house.

Weird, as I am writing this the wind is starting to pick up *sigh*

Guess I’d better go secure any wanna be projectiles…

24 to 48 hours they say – we shall see!


One response to “Cyclone Watch – Hamish is coming, should I make sandwiches?

  • freebornjohn

    I’ve never understood the panic-buying mentality as it causes headaches for everyone.

    As the cyclone season approaches we start buying a couple of extra items each week and if/when something happens it’s no big deal. It’s simply a case of “bring it on, we have dozens of tins of baked beans with ring pull lids, two spoons and we’re not afraid to use them”. Come April we start running the food stash down to normal levels again.

    Maybe I’m dull and need to get a life but standing in long queues at the IGA whilst a cyclone is bearing down upon us is not my idea of fun 🙂

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